Study Tips

With exams only 5 months away and exam practise fast approaching we have some advice to get you through this stressful time.

  • Plan ahead- there is nothing worse than sitting in an exam hall regretting those hours spent procrastinating on your phone when you should have learnt the solutions to global climate change. To avoid this horrible feeling, create a checklist of everything you need to revise and use this to create a schedule. However, be realistic, do not schedule 3 topics for the one day. In addition to creating a schedule, record all deadlines in a notebook to keep on top of your workload.
  • If possible try to find a place with no distractions to study, this also includes leaving your phone in another room to avoid temptation or if you need your phone delete social media apps or turn off notifications.
    Try out different methods of studying and find what works for you- everyone has different ways of learning. Not everyone can revise by repeatedly reading over their notes.

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My preferred methods of studying include-

  • Making Flashcards- Flashcards are effective as they make revising notes much easier and interesting than simply rewriting them out.
  • Creating Mind Maps- Mind Maps are also a great way to memorise and consolidate notes. Tip- use colours to make the mind map more engaging and interesting. However don’t waste too much time colouring in your mind map!
  • Past Paper Practice- Past paper practice is crucial to succeed! You may find it useful to note down certain questions from past papers in your study plan like, “Sunday Evening- Proteins Q16, 17, 22 & 24, 2012” instead of “Sunday Evening- Chemistry”.

My last piece of advice is equally important for your health as well as your success in exams.

  • Get enough sleep- Sleep is just as important as food and water. A lack of sleep can lower your concentration significantly making it difficult to learn and study. A lack of sleep also has numerous negative effects

By Rebecca McNicoll

What Volunteering Taught Me: Alaska Scott

Being part of the Buddying programme was something that I had wanted to do so I could help and assist younger students so when the opportunity arose for me to sign up for the programme, I did.

Alaska Scott and her S1 Buddy, Lucie Napier

I have since been assigned an S1 buddy who I do paired reading with twice a week or any homework or work that she needs help with. Buddying has been an invaluable experience for me as it has given me the rare opportunity to work with a younger student and help her deal with adjusting to secondary school. It has helped me be a good listener and to be increasingly attentive when not only speaking to my buddy, but to my peers. It’s especially important to me as I think back to when I was I first year and really wished that I had someone who I could always talk to and give me advice and help with any of my problems; big or small. It has also assisted me in being more comfortable with reading aloud, which I think makes people nervous in general; it makes me really conscious of what I’m saying and has helped me become more comfortable with the reading in public. It’s an unforgettable experience to have in my last year of school to know that I am there for someone socially and emotionally through their transition into a completely knew and daunting environment – it is  great comfort.

Craig McDonald: Sports Leader, Karate Champion

Craig with his trophies from the WUKF World Karate Championships

Craig McDonald is a sixth year pupil and sports enthusiast. He became a sports leader last year and has been running the sports 4 all club on Friday lunchtime ever since. This year he is also coaching a Primary 3 football team in St Peter’s Primary. In June he won the WUKF World Karate Championships, 18-20 team rotation and individual team fighting.

What got you interested in sport?
I got involved in sports because I had an interest in playing a wide variety of sports from a young age. I’ve always had an interest and wanted to be involved with sports.
Why did you want to become a Sports Leader ?
 I was inspired to be a sports leader as I realised the importance of my own coaches as a youngster and the difference they could make to ensure people enjoyed sports and could improve at the sport. In this role I am able to interact with youngsters and try to encourage and them to improve and most importantly enjoy the sport that they are taking part in.
What is your favourite sport?
I really like football, golf and karate but I’d have to say karate is my favourite sport. Competing at the highest level has given me the opportunity to visit countries I would not ordinarily have visited such as Serbia and Poland making friends from different countries along the way. I really enjoy the training as it keeps me fit and prepares me well for competitions.


The Sports 4 All Club is one of the most popular clubs at St Matthew’s. Once a week pupils are given the opportunity to try out new sports which they may have not played before including Wheelchair Basketball,Sitting Volleyball and Boccia. Boccia is described by the Great British Boccia Federation as ‘a sport designed for athletes with severe impairments and has no Olympic equivalent . It is a target ball sport similar in principle to bowls but is played inside with soft leather balls. It is a sport of intriguing tactics; incredible skill and nail biting tension.’ These sports differ from some of the other clubs on offer as they place everyone, no matter their physical ability, on an equal playing field.

Halloween Charity Fundraiser

On Friday 28th October 6th year pupils raised £263 for the Brightest Star Charity. To celebrate Halloween the pupils came into school in fancy dress and donated £3 to the chosen charity so that this annual event would help support bereaved families across Scotland.

For more information about the Brightest Star Charity please visit

Ellie Fulton and Cloe Reid

S6 gather for their year group photo




Mario and the gang!